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Saying "Thank You" | A note from Five Wings Arts Council

If you are appreciative of public support for the arts, please thank your public officials!

We strongly urge you to make a phone call or drop a note of thanks to the Governor, your State Senator, your State Representative, or better yet - all three!Please see the “Region Five Legislators” page of this website for a complete contact list of Legislators.To find out who your local Legislator is, go to and type in your physical address.

  • Tell them you received an arts grant award from the Five Arts Council.
  • Tell them the arts are important to your quality of life in north central Minnesota.
  • Tell them thanks for their continued support of the arts in the State’s budget and Legacy Amendment.

When writing . . . DO:

  • Use the correct address and salutation, e.g., Dear Senator (name), or Dear Representative (name), or Dear Governor (name).
  • Type or write your letter clearly. If your letter is not easy to read, it could be discarded. Be sure to include your return address on the letter.
  • Be specific. If possible, give an example of how the issue affects your district.
  • Use your own words and stationary. Legislators feel that personal letters, rather than form letters, or e-mails, show greater personal commitment on the part of the writer, and therefore carry greater weight.Even a simple postcard will suffice in a pinch.
  • Be brief.Choose a few bullet points that are direct and succinct. However, include enough information to explain why you are writing and why you appreciate their support for the arts.
  • Please send (e-mail) a copy of the letter to the Five Wings Arts Council to put in your grant file

When writing . . . DON'T:

  • Use slang or sloppy grammar.
  • Mention other issues with your thank you letter. Please use a separate correspondence for other issues – keep it a simple thank-you!
  • Criticize your local Legislator for not attending the activity.

A Sample Letter


Your Name:
Your Address:

The Honorable Jane Doe

Minnesota State Senate
200 State Capitol Building
75 Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
St. Paul, Minnesota 55155

Dear Senator Doe:

The Jolly Corks Community Theatre would like to personally thank you for your support in funding the arts through the Five Wings Arts Council – one of Minnesota’s 11 Regional Arts Councils. Because of a recent grant of $3,000, our organization was able to produce a theatrical, musical production of Pirates of Penzance. This was a family play which involved over 125 local adults and children working together in the areas of acting, technical and support.Approximately 1,200 people from 10 surrounding communities came to see the play, which was a huge success for our town. I have included some press clippings and a program of the event.

This activity would have been difficult, if not impossible, to do without this grant support. Thousands of volunteer hours went into this regionally supported production. The opportunity for local people to be part of a quality theater experience is just the beginning of the long term positive effect of a production such as this one. It is a great community event that brings youth and adults together in such a cooperative and positive manner.

The Jolly Corks Community Theatre is an all-volunteer community based organization whose mission is to bring artistic experiences directly to the residents of our area. We have added you to our mailing list and will keep you up to date on our activities. We thank you again for doing your part to build strong rural Minnesota communities and families and hope that you will continue your support of the arts in the future.

Thank you.


John Doe
Jolly Corks Community Theater
123 Nonprofit Ave.
Smalltown, MN 54321

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